Contributing Projects

Here is a list of projects where I have contributed patches/code. You can find the patches on project mailing lists or in many cases the project repository commit history.

Some of this work was done as part of my job as a Systems Programmer at the Center for Computational Innovations (CCI) (formerly CCNI) and those patches/commits will generally have the email address Many of the projects originating from CCI are available on the RPI-HPC github.

RocketRAID on Linux (rr174x)

Believe it or not, I still run until early 2014 I ran one of these "fakeraid" cards in production. However, official updates dropped off a very long time ago and the open-source portions of the upstream driver have not compiled against the Linux kernel for quite a few releases (albeit due to minor changes). Obviously this was a problem for me as I like to keep up with kernel security fixes.

Hold my kernel back and only apply security fixes or keep updating the rr174x driver - which would be easier? For me it's been easier to occasionally update the driver and I've provided my modified sources on GitHub. I hope if there is another poor soul still supporting this card in production they can benefit.


I'm active in the Gentoo community and I currently maintain the conserver ebuild for Gentoo.


I have multiple overlays that I use for various purposes. Currently, two of these overlays are published for others to use. (Also, while we're on the subject of Gentoo overlays, checkout Cameron Childress's overlay focussed on Linux iSCSI and SCST support.)

My main "production" overlay can be accessed at git:// (view online). This particular overlay does not see too much use.

Most of my development work is (or will arrive soon) in the junkdrawer overlay (view online). The junkdrawer overlay contains ebuilds of varying quality depending on how rushed I was to get a dependency into some kind of tree. A far deviation from the Gentoo guideline, some of the ebuilds in the junkdrawer overlay may contain custom patches or forked upstream sources. Please keep this in mind before using an ebuild from the junkdrawer - you don't know when or under what circumstances it was tossed in.

To add any of these overlays to layman, add to the overlays setting in the file /etc/layman/layman.cfg as shown below.


overlays  :

Useful patches

Unfortunately, there are many useful patches for open source projects that are never included in the project source. In an attempt to better document some of them, I have created the list below of patches that I have found useful. A special note for Gentoo users: some ebuilds that utilize these patches may be found in my overlay(s) above.

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